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Never Drink Alone Water Bottle

You can always count on your faithful friends to join you for a drink…a drink of water, that is. Celebrate your drinking buddy with this awesome stainless steel water bottle…and Never Drink Alone!


You can always count on your faithful friend to join you for a cold one. Celebrate your drinking buddy with this water bottle and Never Drink Alone.

Features two openings: a small one on top with a ball-bearing to control water flow when you hold the bottle upside-down for your dog to drink (think hamster water bottle and you’re on the right track). The second opening is larger to allow for filling and cleaning. You can also un-screw the whole top of the bottle, flip it over – and use it as a cup!

  • Stainless steel construction
  • BPA-Free
  • 16 fluid-ounce
  • Ball bearing water control for drinking and large opening for filling
  • Fits most standard cup holders
  • Comes with handy carabiner for easy carrying.
  • Made by our friends at Dog is Good in Los Alamitos, CA

Free shipping for Dog is Good orders over $100!


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