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FurTrader Dog Leash


Fantastic things happen when vibrant colors combine with classic patterns in new places with our FurTrader Dog Leash from Wolfgang Man & Beast. From the canyonlands of creativity, this 100% original print is one part indigenous peoples tribute and four parts fashion-forward color scheme resulting in a modern classic kit for your furry friends.

NOTE: Side-A DOES NOT MATCH Side-B. Side-A is a 4-color native print, and Side-B is a 2-color, simplified pattern. This design approach is one of the things that make Wolfgang products unique.

However, on harnesses, Side-A is on the outside and Side-B is only visible on the inside. If you’re wondering why we would do that, check out the matching leash where both sides are visible with amazing results.

Leashes available in two sizes: 4-Foot and 6-Foot


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